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Creative Arts Therapies

The creative arts therapies do not seek artistic perfection. The main focus resides in an intuitive, spontaneous, and creative process in which, through the artistic and corporal connection, the person connects to a subtle language that communicates from the soul through image and metaphor our symbolic and mythological world of emotions and sensations. The creative arts therapies enable us to identify and get in touch with our emotions, gain vision and resolve problems.

This alternative way of communication allows us to gently resolve internal conflicts, express emotions, and tell our stories whilst acquiring an intuitive, spontaneous, and authentic language and form of expression which enhances our creativity and allows us to contemplate alternative responses to old patterns that no longer nurture us.​​

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Through the artistic means, we explore our inner, creative, and emotional world which is mirrored back to us through our creations and corporal expression. These therapies incorporate the mind, body, intellect, and emotion. The emotional states of a person are rarely logical; Thus, the use of a non-verbal language, offers us a path of personal exploration and alternative communication.

We as people are, by nature, creative beings, and often feel less threatened by creating an image or expressing ourselves, through symbolism and metaphor, than verbalizing emotions directly.  

"Identify and get in touch with feelings, explore unconscious material, release energy, gain insight, solve problems, discover intuitive, mythological and spiritual dimensions." (Rogers, N. 1993).

Mindful Movement

Everything passes through our body and our emotions are often trapped inside us. It is through Dance that we find the key to releasing our emotional body and can open the doorway to the liberation of our soul.


An intuitive, authentic, spontaneous, and liberating practice that puts in motion our emotions.

This mindful movement is for any person who is looking for a more holistic connection to their energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

Through spontaneous movement, rhythm, breathing, meditation, postures, mudras/gestures, sound vibration, dance, and silence, we finely tune and honour our bodies as divine instruments.  

"Allow the beauty of your inner dancer to emerge from within."


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"We are a divine Instrument."

Between discipline and creative fluidity, we find a point of balance.

This practice enables us to find the point of balance between discipline and fluidity, it stretches, softens, and releases the body, journeys to the inner world, heightens self-awareness, and calms the mind leaving you centered and connected to your core. 

This way of moving takes us to various states of consciousness, which are deeply healing and transformational.  ​​

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