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The Millennial Language of the Sand

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Amarasa is the ancient Sanskrit term that embodies the transformative power of sand and the infinite spirit of this natural element.

Amarasa takes us on a journey of exploration and personal development.

Through the medium of sand, its colors, shapes and metaphors, it immerses us in the deep language of the soul, inviting us to discover and develop our inner teacher.

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Are you looking for answers and understanding?

In a sand reading, you will unearth inner treasures as soul mandalas reveal profound insights.


Connect with your inner wisdom and the voice of your soul to heal, integrate and understand more.

This practice helps us orient ourselves on the map of our life, obtaining a different perspective to contemplate and integrate into our lives and relationships.

You will be gently guided through a meditative experience of mindfulness to unlock the voice of your heart, witnessing it and recognizing the beauty of the universe dancing within you.

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"A transformative and unforgettable journey." 

The sand is like the soul,

Always changing, but eternal in essence.

It moves and dances in the wind,

But it remains firm and true.

Sand is a reminder of the impermanence of life,

The transience of all material things,

The ephemeral nature of beauty and pleasure.

But it is also a symbol of the infinite,

The vastness of the universe,

The immensity of the cosmic dance.    

 Sufi Poetry        

 Amarasa awaits you

Join me on this metamorphic path of self-discovery.ment and connection with yoursoul. 

Both online and in-person sessions

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