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Workshop: Water Dance... 

August 16 16.00 Pachamama area

This workshop is focused on a dance that tries to connect us with the element that we are, water. A fluid dance that unifies us in an oceanic movement. Each movement of this dance has a sacred meaning that emits a high frequency of healing, blessing the oceans and all beings that live in them. At the end of the dance we will sing and dance in an undulating movement that expands love and consciousness to flow down the river of life towards the great ocean in abundance and gratitude.

Workshop: Yoga Nidra: Relaxing towards the Heart 

August 21 2:30 p.m. Pachamama Zone

 This Workshop is focused on breathing, incorporating and promoting expansion, contraction, lightness and subtlety of the heart. Inhale towards the heart and exhale towards the heart of existence. It will begin with some movements and mudras focused on the heart chakra, Anahata, which prepares us to relax and enter the stillness and healing of the Yoga Nidra space. 

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