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Dedicated over 20 years to a path that connects us to the wisdom of the elements and nature, helping people to find themselves and reclaim their lives.

Become the hero of your story, build and create an internal landscape that nourishes your soul and witness the change of your external reality.

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Founder of FreeSpiritMovement


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¨The darkest and coldest hour is just before the dawn of a new day; and it is through this dark night of the soul within which I accompany you to find the light of a new day.¨

Welcome, I am a professional of dance/movement, have a Master in  Creative Arts Therapiy and a Diploma in Wilderness Psychotherapy. Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of colectives, including prevention projects in schools for both teachers and students,  intervention  in a prison with male offenders, survivors of domestic violence, and mental health. I accompany people who struggle with their body and image, who suffer from isolation, stress, anxiety, depression and grief.

My way of accompanying resides in helping people find themselves and the solutions/answers that they need to strengthen, heal and re-establish harmony in themselves and in their life.

I facilitate a space within which I accompany both individuals, couples and also families.

Common issues I address include anger/anxiety management,  trauma, difficulties in identifying and channeling emotions , grief management, lack of confidence, Low Self esteem, depression and bullying. 

The Spinning Stones

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Ancient tribes accross the globe  considered stones to be our oldest living relatives. This richly illustrated book takes you on a journey that connects you to the wisdom of the stone nation . The language of the stones reveals itself to you through the elements and within the wheel of life as you move through the book.

Each chapeter has been carefully put togetherto offer you a deeper understanding of each stone and the role that it plays within this practice of stone divination. 

If you are looking to connect to the medicine of the natural world then this book may be of interest to you. Discover a new way of looking at yourself, your life and allow you inner wisdom to manifest through the mirror of nature with the spinning stones.

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