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Nikky Freespirit Wilkinson

Master in Artistic and Creative Therapies and a diploma in Eco-Psychotherapy.


For over 20 years I have worked with Movement and Dance helping women to come home to their Bodies and to their Sexuality. Many of these Women are Survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence and we worked together to help them Reclaim and Empower themselves and their bodies. I then went on to complete in 2009 a training in creative arts and wilderness therapy in the UK and finally in 2015 completed an MA in Creative Arts Psychotherapy in Madrid.

I currently run a private practice here in Spain and work with all age ranges and collectives.  My specialty resides in Listening and Adapting to my client’s unique needs and to their current situation, from here onwards commences the therapeutic process.

I work closely with the main educational psychologist in Primary and Secondary schools in my area of Spain. I facilitate spaces of both coaching and therapy for parents and their children. Frequent issues that I address include; Anger Management, Separation Anxiety, Grief Management, Lack of Confidence, Divorce, Bullying, Identity and Image issues.

I also accompany people who are terminally ill, preparing for their death and also suffering from the grief of having lost a loved one. I work with all age groups in this painful and delicate Transition of Loss.

I run workshops, retreats and courses for teachers and students in the educational system. These focus on improving Communication skills and Emotional Intelligence, through the creative arts.  Within the class and educational system we look at how we can build a deeper sense of community through active Listening and Speaking from the Heart.

I have experience working in mental health applying group art therapy for day care patients suffering mainly from complex trauma, manic depression, bi polar disorder and schizophrenia. In 2016 I ran, with an associate, a Creative Arts and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy program for young male offenders at the Acebuche prison in Almeria.

In 2020 I published  The Spinning Stones, a book of stone divination that strives to strengthen our connection to the elements, to the natural world and to ourselves, restoring balance on the ever turning wheel of life.




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